Live project brief on water use in the kitchen with IKEA

People are consuming water excessively in the home and this must be monitored to avoid water scarcity. The project aims to moderate people’s use and behaviour around water consumption through experiential value. 

Klår is a task selection system thats aims to regulate water usage.
Two systems were designed for new or existing kitchens.

Both have:

  • A new plumbing system that connect to the drain and to a grey water tank
  • A tank to reuse grey water for flushing toilets and watering plants
  • Three main buttons to fulfill the following tasks: washing produce, washing dishes and running water for ten seconds.
  • Two dials control the temperature and volume of water to fill in vessels
  • Sink has an in-built weight to calculate the amount of water needed to create a bath in relation to the weight of the items on the sink

System for new kitchens

System for existing kitchens

Klår includes a new plumbing system that connects to the drain and a greywater tank. This tank, located beneath the sink for accessibility, serves to reuse greywater for flushing toilets and watering plants. The greywater tank enables the user to learn about different types of water and how they can be reused. The user manually controls a rotating stopper which determines where the water flow will go. This stopper works to divide blackwater from greywater. The user can choose to have more than one tank once one of them fills up. The tank includes two lids: one that seals the tank completely for storage and another with a spout to water plants or other home uses.

Klår aims to make people more conscious of water usage through a task selection system and a reuse strategy. 

Water flow stopper